The morning came all too quickly and it brought hunger with it. We shuffled around a little before making our second attempt at setting up the camping stove. 
After several texts to Kelsea's dad, we managed to get it all hooked up and cooked ourselves a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and avocado. 
We met with Shanna shortly after for a tour of Duke's impressive campus, where she pointed out her most frequented classrooms and a giant library that has been known to host 1920s themed parties!
We returned to Shanna's room to fix some fall flavored concoctions while the ladies prepared themselves for the mallard ball; A hunting themed dinner, dance and bonfire. That theme was interpreted as, everyone must wear camouflage or a blinding shade of orange. Kelsea felt right at home. 
Our first stop was an event hall where some delicious BBQ was served. We were subsequently whisked away to catch 2 busses in succession, taking us directly to a secluded bonfire next to a barn.
The energy in the bus was electric as 30 18-24 year olds sat on each other's laps and floated in the fluidity of their mental states. We attempted to predict whether the energy on the ride back would be sloppy, sleepy or something entirely different. 
The party itself was fantastic. The music was loud and proud with dancers of all abilities. At the bottom of that barrel, I enlisted the dancing expertise of Shanna to help me blend in with a clearly more talented crowd. I failed to learn but loved it all the same. 
Outside was a much more casual state of affairs where we roasted marshmallows and others explored the grounds, making friends with a nearby horse. 
Being the oldest couple there, Kelsea and I felt like fuddyduddies, but after a few drinks and plenty of fun, alpha delta pi and their dates made us feel like part of the gang. 
The ride back was all we had anticipated and so much more. People slept, people were sloppy and there was a soap opera going on right in front of us. Shanna, Kelsea and I giggled and gasped like school girls as one couple made out heavily, pressing up against another couple, whose relationship seemed to be falling apart. 
We abandoned the bus and made haste towards Shanna's apartment, where she graciously offered us her bed for another night. 
With Tennessee faintly calling us forward, we said goodnight to Durham and North Carolina for one last time.