A beautiful morning gently tugged my sleeve, waking me up after a peaceful night of board games, beer and late night watercolor sessions. 
Last night, Kelsea's friends and family were warm and inviting, making me feel like an immediate part of the Shaver tribe. 
Today, I listen intently as Tim Shaver, man of the house, walks us through popping up and collapsing our home for the next 2 months. He casually hands us the keys, jumps on his motorcycle and heads to the airport for a business trip to Germany. Don't worry sir, I'll keep your daughter safe 😉
Driving the truck is very different to a Volkswagen Golf, especially with the trailer in tow, but with a few hours of practice, I'm feeling more confident about our safety on this trip.
Next stop, Durham, NC. See you soon, Miss Shug!