Upon waking, our persnickety pair of adventurers made haste to exit Shanna's empty apartment to check on their abandoned camper at the campsite 30 minutes away.
Luckily our mobile home was still standing, so Kelsea and I organized and made preparations for our first night by popping the camper. 
We spent the early afternoon making our new living quarters feel cozy and made several attempts at setting up the gas cooker. With no avail, we settled to eat PB&Js and decided to try again tomorrow. 
The rest of the day was filled with laughter after swooping by the campus of Duke to pick up Shanna. We ate merrily at Elmo's, laughed heartily at the costumes offered by super target, and baked casually once we returned to Shanna's place. 
It was delightful to share music and baking recipes, stories and stumbleupon. After all the time we'd spent apart, I felt a wave of nostalgia wash over me and I didn't feel a need to do or say anything in particular. I just felt happy to enjoy a few close moments with my sister. 
Kelsea and I said goodnight to Shanna after dinner and a cup of tea. We headed onwards to the campsite where we would sleep for the first time... in the wilderness.